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4.5" x 10" Big Grey Sediment Filter Kit

4.5" x 10" Big Grey Sediment Filter Kit


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4.5" x 10" Sediment Filter Housing Kit With Choice Of Filter

People frequently call these “Big Blue” Housings, and while ours are BIG, they are not blue – they are GREY. The one thing most filter housings have in common is that that are made in the Far East. Even the industry standard for Big Blue housings, Pentek, is no longer made in the USA. The fact that ours are Black and Grey tells you these are not just another Big Blue Filter System. These housings are made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty, which is the best in the business.

Features & Benefits

  • Black and Grey Made in the USA
  • Best Materials Built with chemical resistant reinforced Polypropylene.
  • High-Pressure Housings - Pressure tested well beyond industry standards: 125°F (51.7°C) and 125 psi (8.62 bar).
  • Commercial-Grade These rugged housings are heavy-duty and built to last a lifetime.
  • Lifetime Warranty If you build them better, you can guarantee them better, and our American Craftsmanship is unbeatable.
  • 3/4" Inlet/Outlet - Flows up to 12 GPM.
  • Posi-Seal - Most cartridges use a double open-end design (DOE). US Water Systems Housings use a cartridge with a Posi-Seal Design that provides 100% filtration and will not bypass the filter.


This housing is a Whole House Filter for point-of-entry such as on the main water line into the home. If you have 3/4 plumbing, this is the filter for you. It is available with your choice of pleated Sediment Cartridges. Remove sand, dirt, silt, and sediment. The cartridge filters are made in the USA and are available in 1, 5, or 20 Microns.

  • 1 Micron is for very fine sand
  • 5 Micron is what we recommend in 80% of all applications. If you are unsure of what size you need, start with this one.
  • 20 Micron is used to filter very large particles

Includes bracket, wrench, choice of filter size, and screws.

The Case for a Pre-Filter

We provide much more than just pieces and parts. We engineer solutions… solutions that solve water problems. One of the most important parts of any water softening system is proper pre-treatment, and that usually starts with pre-filtration. If anyone says that you don’t need a pre-filter with a water softener, they are very misinformed. Your car will run without an oil filter… but it will run longer, better, and more efficiently with one. The same is true of a water softener. Even on city water, there can be sand, silt, sediment, and solids that can damage internal parts and plug the injector.

Fleck Valves have a 5-Year warranty, but the warranty excludes “wear and tear” parts. The Pre-Filter protects these parts from abrasive wear and tear and the filter has almost double the surface area of other filters and is the BEST INSURANCE POLICY there is to protect your water softener…and all water-using appliances in your home.

The Big Grey is 100% American Made and is the only filter on the market that has a double o-ring Positive Seal that assures 100% filtration. Old-style “flat top” filters cannot even come close to this level of filtration.

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